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The Frosted Cake Studio is a gourmet atelier; a place where delectable masterpieces are dreamt up and created for anyone who wants a customised and exceptional delight for the tongue and the eye.

Whatever the occasion, whether it be a wedding, engagement, child’s birthday, anniversary, corporate function, or just for the sake of it, The Frosted Cake Studio will bring your vision to reality.

With a style that is fresh, innovative and beautiful, these creations look as fantastic as they taste.

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With a qualification from the Food and Beverage Institute’s School of Pastry as a Couverture Chocolatier, a fanatical obsession with attention to detail and a passion for baking, Emma Volschenk is an artist. Each cake or cupcake she creates is a fully edible, personalised work of art.

February is when Cupid comes out to magically create a bit of romance and love!
Receive a free bottle of champagne and a 10% discount on all wedding and anniversary cakes during the month of February.

baking tip
For ages you’ve been using a “fool-proof” recipe, but recently your good cake has been hanging out with the wrong crowd - some tough cookies perhaps?

Lately he's been a little dense, coming home reeking of alcohol-based vanilla extract and is no longer the angel cake that you once knew.

Before your cake cracks completely, maybe its time for culinary reform school! It’s irritating when good cakes go bad, and here are some of the most common reasons why:
  • Your cake is burnt or undercooked – all ovens differ in temperature by a few degrees - invest in an oven thermometer.
  • If the batter overflowed the pans – the uncooked mixture should fill the pan by no more than two-thirds.